Friday, November 25, 2011

My Brazilian appliances

Some of you lovely readers have been asking for a home tour lately. I've been planning on doing a video tour and posting it on the blog, but haven't gotten around to actually making the video. Today however, after yesterday's post, I thought you might like to see some Brazilian "appliances".

So here goes...

Our washing machine.

Our dryer.

Our dishwasher. (complete with luxury "quick dry" option)

Our 2011 edition coffee maker.

Our central air conditioning system.

Our hot water heater aka electric shower head.
(I agree... I thought electronics in the shower was supposed to be dangerous...)

*Our totally modern walk-in closet. 
           Not Pictured: The Brazilian doorbell. (Clap your hands together loudly... and voilà!)

*Not a Brazilian appliance, but still worth sharing!
Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek of our home...more to come soon!


  1. Jenna and I are laughing out loud!!! :) We love this!!!! Now...don't forget to feed your horse before you trot into town!!!!!! We love you Kel!

    Mom and Jenna

  2. Hahaha I love you kell! That shower head scares me!

  3. Love it! We have a similar walk in closet: two horizontal poles hung from the ceiling rafters with extra phone wire left over from our internet installation.

  4. Oh, gosh I have a post similar to this one on my blog. Carlos wanted to get a tanque- I wanted to hold out for an American style washing machine- but the tanque does help a lot!