Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Soul's Day

Today was another feriado here in Brazil. Some of you may have already known November 2nd to be "All  Soul's Day," but I doubt you got the day off of work! This day is very special to many Brazilians, as it is a day to honor all those loved ones who have passed. It is a day to remember happy times and memories with those loved ones and to bring flowers to their graves. This particular All Soul's Day marks one year since my sweet Nana passed away. I thought about her a lot today.

Nana and I - Puerto Rico 2006

Since Tiago had the day off of work today, we decided to visit a nearby town called Guaratuba. It was a beautiful, sunny day- perfect for the ferry boat ride to get there!

On the ferry boat! (Car parked on lower deck)

Enjoying the view of Guaratuba.

It's no Cristo Redentor... but it's a Jesus statue and I like it.

Tiago and I 
Almost hot enough to jump in!

We met up with friends at the beach! Tiago and Neneco.

Elis and I.

  What did YOU do today? 


  1. Matthew looked at the picture with me of you and Nana. He recognized Nana in the picture right away and said "mama is that heaven?" After I dried my tears I said " no its Puerto Rico, but its close."

  2. How adorable, Gianna! Thanks for reading :) xoxo