Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bieber Fever in Brazil

Bieber fever is alive and well here. He's the token teenage heart throb and he happens to have had a few concerts in Brazil awhile ago.

J.B. sporting Brazil's flag.

 I know this because there were thousands of tweens sobbing with joy all over the news for days! They even had a Justin Bieber special and aired his concerts live! Although J-Beebs is famous internationally,  he does have some competition here in Brazil, and his name is Luan Santana.

His hair-do didn't make headlines like Justin's, but he seems to have a signature style of his own goin on.

Luan Santana on the cover of some teen magazine.

A lot of people love to hate on Luan Santana, but just like Justin Bieber, his songs are all over the place and without fail, get stuck in your head. I wouldn't say he's a musical genius, but his songs are catchy and I have to admit, I don't mind listening.

See for yourself!

Amar Não é Pecado

If you liked that, you'll LOVE this video of my adorable niece singing Amar Não é Pecado:

Isn't she cute?!?


  1. So much fun to see what you are experiencing in Brazil. I love seeing it all....the food, music, people, clothing. Thinking I should definitely get a new pair of high heels and a fashionable work out outfit! Kelli, remember the little "high heeled grandma's" in Spain :) If they can grocery shop in heels, so can I :) I LOOOOOVE you honey. Have a fun day. Hi Tiago!! Love you too!!!! Let's skype later.


  2. Hi! I was reading your blog last night after I saw you joined my blog. I had never came across your blog before ( :( ). I think it's funny that you are also from MN. I call MN/WI home since I have always bounced back and forth. We are also very close in age...Cool! Hope to read lots of blog posts now that you have internet!


  3. I guess he is coming back eh? When he was here a few weeks ago (maybe month or more dont remember) I was pissed to find out he took Selena Gomez out on a date here in SP to THE OUTBACK!?!? of all places... reall biebs? oh welll

  4. Mom- those high heeled grandmas mean business. They look sweet and innocent, but were always the first to cut in line at the grocery store! But I guess you could probably say the same about our sweet little Nana. She had a way of sweet talking her way to the front of any line, didn't she?

    Adrienne- Thanks for reading! It's nice to read about other Americans (especially Minnesotans!) and their experiences in Brazil! Hope too read more on your blog as well!

    Jana- So lame! Sounds like he wasn't up for any real cultural experience in Brazil...