Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is a cloudy, ugly day and I'm hand-washing Tiago's muddy work uniforms... usually this would be annoying and could possibly make me crabby, but not today!! Not today because I got the most exciting phone call since...well nobody ever calls me in Brazil so... since JANUARY! I had almost all but given up on the job search. I searched Paranaguá (fail), Curitiba (fail), Rio de Janeiro (fail), São Paulo (fail). How many times did I get this email(?): "We love your resume and you're perfect for the job, but we are looking for somebody who already resides in _________ (fill in the blank with ANY Brazilian city)."

Back to the phone call. Speaking in Portuguese on the phone is not exactly my favorite thing to do. Actually, the worst part is UNDERSTANDING Portuguese on the phone. It's fine if I'm speaking to somebody I know... because then they already know they need to speak slower than normal because I can't read their lips or body language to help me understand! This phone call, however, went swimmingly! The call was from a woman who owns an intercâmbio (study-abroad) agency. Last week I had the brilliant idea to send my resume to every intercâmbio agency in Brazil (seriously) and this is the first response I got. The agency is based out of Curitiba but has locations in other cities in Brazil as well. They work with over 20 countries, arranging study-abroad opportunities for students. This Brazilian woman happened to have studied abroad in ....WISCONSIN back in the 70's.  I kid you not. Ok so she studied abroad in Wisconsin, random (I'm from Minnesota). Naturally I go on to explain that I'm from Minneapolis, which she said she had noticed on my resume (forgot that was on there...). Extra points for me since she visited St.Paul/Minneapolis multiple times when she was in the states! She busted out some English a few times and my tongue got all tied and forgot how to speak English so I responded in Portuguese (I have this weird mental block that doesn't allow me to speak English to anyone I normally would speak Portuguese to...does this happen to any of you other bloggers?) Anyways, she said she is looking to retire soon and also one of her long time employers is leaving in she is in need of somebody ASAP. YAY! Next random coincidence... she lives 10 minutes from Tiago and I at the beach! How convenient. Instead of having to take an hour bus ride to Curitiba and most likely get lost trying to find the agency where I would do the interview, we're going to do the interview at her house! This all happened today, and Tiago is still at work so I haven't been able to call her back with a day or time, but it will probably happen within the next few days!


I REALLY hope this works out. We are SO ready to get out of nowhereville and move to Curitiba. The only thing that would hold me back from this job is a low salary. Where we are now, we aren't paying rent or utilities, so moving to Curitiba and paying rent/bills would mean the salary had better be worth it! I'm really really hoping she makes me an offer better than my last interview (R$800 a month- to do 2 people's jobs at a semi-large port company in Paranaguá...No thanks!) I'm feeling optimistic about this opportunity. Wish me luck! :)


  1. You didn't mention your awesome skype call with me :):):)

  2. Oh kell that's awesome! Holla at a fellow wisconsinite for me! Haha

  3. Yay Kelli!! Keep updating your blog, i love reading it! I started one too :) Its if you're interested

    miss you!!

  4. Hi Kelli,
    I just found my way here from Danielle in Brazil. I actually live in Curitiba (and have been in and around Brazil for aroun 4 years by now), so let me know if you have any questions!
    Oh and I just wanted to say, watch out, cause Curitiba is EXPENSIVE and it al.ways. rains.