Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bridal Rosary

In addition to meeting Tiago while I was studying abroad in Spain, I met some wonderful friends! Fabio is one of Tiago's closest friends and has become a really good friend of mine as well. Tiago, Fabio and I have some really fun memories both in Spain and Brazil! Shortly after arriving in Brazil, Fabio's mother gave me a beautiful crystal rosary. She handcrafts all sorts of rosaries and necklaces with saint pendants. This particular rosary is worn during the wedding ceremony. It is typical for Brazilian brides to carry a rosary down the aisle in addition to flowers.

The rosary given to me by Marcia (Fabio's mom).

Rosaries can be wrapped around the boquet...

Or draped around the wrist/hand something like this.


  1. ay, que hermosa, kelli! me encanta, muy bonita.

  2. Dear Kelly, I did this with much affection rosario
    God bless this marriage.
    Be happy forever.


  3. I love it! What a nice gift.